Signature Japanese Technique

Relaxing Facial Treatments

All Organic

Hummingbird Facial works with clients in Santa Fe, which has a very dry, high desert climate with intense sunlight. On average, our clients are exposed to the sun 300 days out of the year. Sun damage and sun protection are a top concern.

Most clients are looking for beauty products that have a holistic approach while providing anti-aging properties. Hummingbird Facial pampers clients while using all organic evanhealy® products, the facial creams, hydrating, skin treatments and full body therapies. You can experience these products during your skin treatment and purchase them if you like before you leave.

Dry skin, acne damaged skin, and stressed skin are just a few issues treated with a Hummingbird Facial. Stressed facial muscles are treated by creating new muscle memory with a Hummingbird technique that feels like what one would imagine Hummingbird wings feel like fluttering on your face.

Hummingbird Facial’s services include a signature Japanese technique, Microcurrent treatment and Microdermabrasion skincare treatments.

Facial Santa Fe Gift Certificates available.

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