Hummingbird Facials

By Phyllis E. Houghton, LF – 505.577.0304 voice/text
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"What I love about Hummingbird Facials is there is no better way to feel my skin wake up and dance! Every cell is individually nourished and fluffed. The result is the desert dryness and the battle scars of aging disappear… I look and feel live like never before."

Kristina Flanagan

"A microcurrent facial is scrumptious for my skin in the dry weather of New Mexico! Thank you, Phyllis for being YOU! (and drink more water!)"

Kathy Powless White

Access Consciousness Certified Bars Facilitator

"5 stars: Great facial with Evan Healy products, plus waxing for hand and foot massage! Relaxing and completely wonderful."

Jane Scott